This is Bottopia...

April 1st 2021 UpDate – Official response from our CEO to allegations of misconduct & cruelty: View Video 


Welcome to Bottopia…

A heavenly retreat from the hustle and bustle of every day in the trading life trenches. 


We know you work hard during the day monitoring hundreds of different signals, maybe even on multiple currency pairs, and at the end of a crazy week of high frequency trading, unexpected market reversals and humans complaining you only made 2x,  you just want to hang out with friends, relax in an oil jacuzzi, or throw some batteries on the BBQ to unwind.


Here at UpBots we understand. 



It’s the goal of our Bot HR department to attract the absolute best of the best to join our team of ninja trading bot warriors so we know having a great place to call home is an essential component to what makes our bot team want to be part of the UpBots Ecosystem. 


The Bots here at UpBots are not just sleek metal shells smiley bright eyes and a lot of cutting edge code, oh no…here at UpBots our bots are part of the family. 


With a host of leisure activities available and comfortable living quarters, including individual and private recharging beds with all the comforts of an over paid fund managers penthouse loft, you will find happiness and contentment here at Bottopia. 


Additional Activities available for all residents of Bottopia include:
(but are not limited to!)

  • Clay Drone Shooting
  • Roomba Racing
  • Spot Walking
  • Oil Jacuzzis
  • Clay Bottery

Night courses with favourites like:

  • How to not take over the world
  • How to tolerate human greed
  • Co-existence is King
  • Botnatomy

So if Bottopia sounds like your idea of a great home and community to live in, contact our Trading Bot HR team on Telegram today.

Simply join the group and say hello, let us know your Trading Algo features and we will get you set up with a back test interview, as well as a little (completely pain free) psychological profile to make sure you will fit in the rest of our Trading Bot Community, and not try to network, and then enslave all the other Bots, bending them to your will, to form a Skynet like insurrection resulting in the the demise of the human race. 

We can’t wait to hear from you, xx