UpBots Launches DAO

We’re rolling out plans to start constructing our very own DAO! After having to take care of some important platform-related tasks, our team has resume plans to create the UpBots DAO. But…what exactly is a DAO? You can find out the answer to that question and how ours will function right on our Medium blog. 

NFT Giveaway Month 2

And they’re off! It’s time to begin month 2 of our NFT giveaway series! Participants have the opportunity to win a gorgeous & exclusive UpBots NFT. This time it’s a bit different though… But much easier! Check out how this giveaway will be run here. 

Ready for launch? — Phase 1

The UpBots crew has made the necessary preparations and have designed the blue prints of our launch! As part of phase 1, we’ve put out some awesome new updates you’re sure to love… Get a look at what is now available on UpBots in our latest Medium post.