NFT Giveaway Month 2

And they’re off! It’s time to begin month 2 of our NFT giveaway series! Participants have the opportunity to win a gorgeous & exclusive UpBots NFT. This time it’s a bit different though… But much easier! Check out how this giveaway will be run here. 

Ready for launch? — Phase 1

The UpBots crew has made the necessary preparations and have designed the blue prints of our launch! As part of phase 1, we’ve put out some awesome new updates you’re sure to love… Get a look at what is now available on UpBots in our latest Medium post. 

UBXT Staking 2.0

What’s better than staking some UBXT? Perhaps, staking UBXT right on UpBots for some  awesome new rewards??? The staking and farming feature for our platform is now LIVE and ready to use! See what neat rewards you can reap, what’s going to happen with FTX staking, and how you also yield farm with UpBots right …

UBXT Staking 2.0 Read More »

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