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Claiming your FREE UBXT! [Exclusive offer]

Here are the quick details to getting your free UBXT (up to 14,000 UBXT) so you can start reaping awesome profits with trading bots. 


This FREE UBXT allows you to test drive each of the 14 trading bots on UpBots. These funds cover any associated fees so you can just sit back and sip a martini while the bots earn you profits. 


Please note that this deal is for a limited time only and only first time depositors can claim it.
(If you have previously made a UBXT deposit into your UpBots account then you will have already received this UBXT bonus!) 


The only other requirement is to make your first deposit of any amount of UBXT into your UpBots account. After you’ve successfully deposited your UBXT, you’ll see that each bot has received the 1000 UBXT as promised.


A quick guide to depositing UBXT into UpBots

NB: Please note that if you intend to stake the UBXT funds you’re transferring over then you’ll need to follow a different process and should NOT make a deposit in the UBXT wallet. Adding UBXT to your UpBots wallet is for Bot Trading purposes only.


Step 1: Head to your UBXT Wallet in the left side panel


Claiming your FREE UBXT! [Exclusive offer]


Step 2: Click “Top Up” to view your ERC20 address


Claiming your FREE UBXT! [Exclusive offer]


Claiming your FREE UBXT! [Exclusive offer]

(Do not send funds to the address stated in the pic above!)


Step 3: Send ERC20 UBXT to the address of YOUR UpBots account. 



Claiming your FREE UBXT! [Exclusive offer]


Step 4: View your deposited UBXT virtual credits


Claiming your FREE UBXT! [Exclusive offer]


Congrats! You’ve now successfully deposited UBXT into your account!


Now head over to UpBots and make your first deposit to claim your FREE UBXT!

To see how to purchase UBXT read more here.


For more on the UBXT wallet learn more here


Additional info on this promotion is available on our Medium.


We hope you have a grand ol’ time with your free UBXT and testing out all the bots to see what they can really do!

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