How To Buy $UBXT on Serum

1) Go to >


And click Connect

2) Create a new SOL Wallet (like creating a new Metamask account), Keep the 12 seed words in the safe place (If you loose the seed phase, you can’t manage to reach your wallet)



3) Create a password



4- Click connect to tie up your wallet to



5- And go to (You can only deposit funds by using here) and use your SOL Wallet password to get in.



6- You can deposit SOL here by using your own SOL blockchain address.



7- Click receive to deposit.



8- You can either deposit SOL or (Ethereum by using your Metamask Wallet,Ethereum will automatically converted to SOL tokens when your transaction is done)



9- Entry the amount that you want to deposit and click convert



10- Approve your transaction on Metamask.




11- Wait for the confirmation. (It takes a couple of minutes)



12- Here you go! Your SOL tokens have received.



13- And get back to and Connect your wallet.


14- Entry the price you want to buy $UBXT at and entry the size you want to buy and click Buy UBXT


15. Approve the transaction do you want to proceed.


And congrats, you bought $UBXT, Happy trading everyone!

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