Are you ready to HUNT?

Rules & Procedures

Level 1 of The Hunt has now completed loading…

But first some things you need to know:
(aka The Roolz)

– If you are not already registered prior to the cut-off your entry will not be valid even if you progress all the way to the end and have the best score overall. 
– There will be multiple levels. This is Level 1

– If you have the quickest time on this level you get 1st place points.
The points work as follows:
1st-4th – 5 points 
5th-10th – 4 points
11th – 20th – 3 points
21st – 30th – 2 points
30th-50th – 1 points 

– There are 3 judges in this Hunt and their decision is final. 

– Each level will contain questions, actions, challenges or puzzles to solve. 

– Sometimes answering questions wrong will slow you down as you may have to restart the entire level

– You will need both twitter and Telegram and an active web connection. 

– We are tracking everything. Any cheating or attempts to game the system will result in dis-qualification either immediately or later on when we double check everything to validate your win. 

– Much like a blockchain each level must be completed fully and in order. If any steps in the chain are missing you will be disqualified.

– This the only guidance you will get and we won’t retro-actively explain the mechanics of the game. 

– This is meant to be a little bit of fun to celebrate the arrival of the commercial version of UpBots.