Monthly Crypto News: What you missed in April

Welcome to this weekly news roundup. You may have missed some important news last week. Don’t panic, UpBots has selected the hottest news of the cryptocurrency market for you.

Stimulus checks and Bitcoin

Despite the brutal drop in the price of bitcoins in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, general public interest in this crypto asset persists. Some Americans are using their $1,200 stimulus checks to buy Bitcoins and other crypto assets.

Traditional Traders

According to a survey released on March 31, senior trading executives believe that large companies in the sector would be interested in taking advantage of Bitcoin’s recent plunge.

$1 Million Bitcoin

Chamath Palihapitiya, current CEO of Social Capital and former Facebook executive, was one of the first to invest in Bitcoin. He bought a large part of the crypto in 2013, when Bitcoin cost about $80 per piece.

Chinese Blockchain Accelerator

Tencent, which operates the Chinese social media application WeChat, is launching a blockchain accelerator.

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