NFT Scavenger Hunt
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NFT Scavenger Hunt Confirmed

In just a few days you will receive the first clue of The Hunt. Complete a series of clues and figure your way to the finish line with some tasks in between and you might be the owner of the NFT minted version of this card, complete with total ownership to trade, sell or give to that person you love most dearly. 

Stay tuned because soon, the Hunt will Begin! 

To celebrate the launch of the commercial version of the UpBots platform we are kicking off a 12 month campaign where anyone can snag these completely original, one of a kind collectible cards, designed specially for UpBots.

Each month we will have a challenge that we hope will reward the most loyal and committed community members of the UpBots community, so come join us on Telegram if you are not already part of our community.

How many of these cards can you win? Is collecting the whole set possible? Will you snag your own trader type?

The first month is The HODLr and the remaining cards are (in no particular order):
Full rights will be transferred to the winner so you can keep them, swap them or do whatever you want with them…well you can’t tear them or accidentally wash them because you forgot to take them out of the pocket of your pants. To view the NFT on Mintable click here.
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