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NFTs and Gaming

The gaming industry is on a collision course wit the world of NFT’s so chances are you’re wondering how NFTs will integrate into the gaming industry? Well, if we say “don’t you want to have rare in-game items accessible?”. Unique and extremely limited items can be kept by players. All in-game items that users buy with money belong to that user only for the duration of the game. If a player chooses to not play the game anymore then all purchased items will be lost in the market unless the player sells.


Imagine also in-game currencies turned into an NFT with the real-world transfer. Giving players the chance to have real and authentic possession of their goods creates extra excitement for the next game or spend. The reason why it is valuable as a collector’s item is that it is an emotional and gaming cultural memory. There are things that are “not so valuable to others, but a player’s dream”. Here NFT gives a chance to immortalize them.


Another possible NFT use-case in the gaming industry; 10,000 people participating in a gaming event in order to earn a special prize item. No other copy of the item will be included in the game. How does that sound? Currently, the idea of creating an NFT for every in-game item can be expensive and difficult in theory, but game developers need to be informed about it and become familiar with the cryptocurrency especially with the NFTs. It will be a very advantageous application for players and publishers. Uniquely signed esports items can be distributed to players and fans. As both a developer and a game fan, it’s a win-win for both sides!


Play to Earn Games



NFTs and Gaming



Play-to-Earn is the model for gaming’s future where players can earn real money or other rewards by playing. While players play and enjoy the game, they earn unique items that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency.

NFTs can vary in line with the goals of the developed projects. NFTs, which are usually designated as a kind of cryptocurrencies, constitute value because they are distributed to the player from the unique pool owned by the gaming project.

Axie Infinity, the NFT-based play-to-earn game developed using Ethereum-extension cryptocurrencies AXS and SLP, held the title of having the most expensive NFT collection for a while. Data shows that there are people living in Rural areas of the Philippines who earn nearly three times the regional minimum wage.



SuperBots.finance NFTs and Games


NFTs and Gaming



SuperBots offers users a multitude of crypto vaults which are trading on DEX, and following precise trading strategies to get the most return out of its capital.



In addition to the bots trading the vaults on DEX, Superbots.finance will have a lottery, prediction game and NFT gaming in its metaverse. With a plot of land already purchased inside of The Sandbox – SuperBots.Finance is building its home in the metaverse.

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