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Rockin' Referrers : How to grow a community on Discord - Last week we discussed the best practices for creating a community on Telegram. Today we're going to take a look at another platform that is used a lot in the crypto community, Discord.

Rockin’ Referrers : How to grow a community on Discord

Last week we discussed the best practices for creating a community on Telegram. Today we’re going to take a look at another platform that is used a lot in the crypto community, Discord.

What is Discord?

Before we start, let’s go back to the basics. If you’re not familiar with Discord yet, you should know that it’s not a social network per se. At least not in the sense of Facebook or Instagram. Discord is a free voice and text chat platform for chatting between members of the same server.

It allows you to create a privileged space reserved only for members of your community (or to join others) and accessible 24 hours a day. Of course, you can share content, but it’s the community aspect that is highlighted in this tool.

But not only! The platform is also a very powerful marketing tool because you can customize your Discord server as you wish.

Define the goals of your community on Discord

The first step, even before creating the server itself, is to define the goal of your community. This could be, for example, sharing relevant analysis on the crypto market or a place to share knowledge on algorithmic trading. The possibilities are endless.

All actions must be done with a goal in mind. Of course, creating a community on Discord is no exception to the rule and I advise you to start by looking at your strategy. It’s important to set a framework from the beginning and to ask yourself what you want from this tool. At the risk that your community doesn’t understand what it’s doing there!

Discord can be a good alternative to the classic Facebook group to gather people who support you or your brand, in a place where everyone feels welcome. Unlike more traditional social media, on a Discord server, members exchange with each other, bonds are created naturally, and advice is given and this reinforces the feeling of belonging and opens the discussion.

Creation of the server

Well, the objectives have been set, it’s time to get to the heart of the matter: creating the server itself.

The first step is to create your own server, i.e. your community space. To do this, go to the little “+” on your interface. Discord will offer you pre-designed templates, but you can also start from scratch to customize your server 100%.

You will then have to customize the name and icon of your server. If you use your own name for your business, you can name your server something else to make it a community that is certainly attached to your business, but not necessarily to you personally.

As our goal is the creation of a community, the server is necessarily intended for many members. To do this you have to transform it into a community server, which is very easy to do in the settings.

Creation of rooms

Once you have created your Discord server, we move on to the creation of the different rooms. These are channels of discussion specific to a particular theme (so as not to mix everything).

Several rooms can belong to the same category. Keep in mind that text chat rooms are more suitable for quick and regular exchanges between members. Voice chat rooms on Discord are often much less active. It is better to dedicate them to small groups of people or to use them as a support/customer service area.

Here, it’s up to you to create your Discord lounges according to your community, your themes, the nature of your activity or your goals. We can imagine a category to welcome your new members, a category for technical analysis, a category for trading algorithms, or a more personal category to talk about various subjects


A Discord community needs animation to grow and last. The users of your server probably have very specific expectations when they join: the need to belong to a friendly community, to meet other traders, to get advice, etc. In short, you’ll have to animate all this so that your Discord community will flourish.

When starting a community, it may take some time before the members are active enough for the server to live on its own. In this case, you should be present to welcome your members and propose interesting topics, and don’t hesitate to be very reactive in the early stages of your community, especially in getting to know the new members.

Over time, you’ll probably identify very active members who enliven your community through their regular exchanges with others. If you have some chemistry with these people yourself, you may want to turn them into moderators to help you manage your community.


Now you have a clear idea of the steps to follow when creating a community on Discord, I wish you good luck!


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