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Rockin’ Referrers: How to grow an audience on Telegram? - Today we're going to analyze together how to create a community on Telegram. Are you ready for it? Let's get started!

Rockin’ Referrers: How to grow an audience on Telegram?

Hello to all my dear friends, it’s time to meet again! We have already discussed content creation, the core of our business, as well as tips for achieving success on the main social networks.

But, being the good crypto-enthusiast that you are, you must have noticed that two of them were missing, and yet they are ubiquitous in the cryptosphere, I named: Telegram.

Today we’re going to analyze together how to create a community on Telegram. Are you ready for it? Let’s get started!



Today, Telegram is more than just a cross-platform instant messaging application. Over time, it has incorporated new features that distinguish the service from its competitors and considers it an optimal element for conducting marketing campaigns.

Well, it offers the possibility of creating and managing public channels with an unlimited number of members. Thanks to this factor, Telegram offers an excellent opportunity for all brands and companies to broadcast their content to a mass audience, without having to make big efforts.

Believe that, fortunately, these channels are handled by the administrator who, if he wishes, can define that the Telegram channel only broadcasts its messages in order to prevent it from becoming an uncontrolled chat and its content from being diluted. For this and much more, this instant messaging application guarantees remarkable advantages to carry out a successful online marketing strategy.

In this sense, these advantages refer to:

  • Increase brand reach: as there is not much competition between brands within Telegram when it comes to carrying out marketing actions, it is considered an ideal channel to expand your company’s reach.
  • Improve your customers’ trust: thanks to Telegram, which acts as an incentive to keep your customers loyal, it is easier to increase their trust in your brand.
  • Save time and resources: Thanks to the automation capacity of Telegram via bots, it is possible to accelerate different marketing actions that allow you to save time in sharing images, documents, videos, etc.
  • It has an optimal segmentation capacity: in digital marketing campaigns, it is essential to segment your audience and this can be done in different Telegram groups, depending on the objectives set.
  • It allows you to enjoy the benefits of cloud storage: By default, the Telegram storage system is cloud-based and thanks to this, it does not take up much space in your computer’s memory.
  • It is ideal for promoting conversational marketing: This type of marketing is designed to carry out a series of actions to generate active communication between companies and customers.

Best practices

Organize contests to get members to invite more friends

In order to increase audience engagement to improve interaction, and increase your reputation, running contests is a strategy that pays off.

Avoid constant self-promotion

If you want to keep your community loyal and motivate them to recommend you, it is important to inspire comfort when connecting with them and avoid flooding, at the risk of making them leave quickly.

Participate in forums to promote your channel

It is appropriate to participate in forums such as Reddit or Quora to promote your Telegram channel or group. To do this, start by studying or analyzing which sections are most active by forum users and when you do this, proceed to create posts leaving the link to your channel there.

Vary the content you share

It is interesting to take into account the preferences of your audience to propose content that matches their tastes and thus improves their experience to increase their loyalty. Therefore, choose to vary the information you publish in these groups to implement the diversity that in many cases contributes to successful community growth.

Create your own Telegram bot

They have the ability to perform a range of actions in an automated way, which, of course, can be a great help for content distribution in your app channels.

Use paid promotion

If you want to invest to get better results when running your marketing campaigns on Telegram, you can choose to use paid promotion within the platform.


You now know how to use Telegram to grow your community and the best practices to use. This platform is indeed one of the best in the crypto sphere, as it opens the discussion that is dear to many projects based on decentralization and DAO.

Next week we will discuss another platform well known to crypto enthusiasts and other traders, Discord.

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