UpBots Weekly Wrap Up: November 19, 2021

Welcome to another episode of the UpBots weekly wrap up and welcome all new UpBots subscribers!


We’ve had a busy grinding week and got a lot of positive feedback from the community about the performance of our bots.


Yes, we are glad that you are happy about trading bots performance, Brian …





Here are the latest updates on UpBots-verse!


Trading Bot Performance




We’ve had a wild week in the market, Bitcoin and ETH both hit a new ATH! Did you catch the ride up with any of our bots? 


Utility NFTs by UpBots





We announced the Upbots.nft domain purchase last week. Since then, our marketing team worked on adding utilities on future UpBots NFTs that will be integrated to Superbots.finance. Our IT team is now working on integrating those utilities to SuperBots backend. Stay tuned for upcoming exciting NFT news.


UpBots Academy



We have started a new initiative to educate newcomers and advance crypto-lovers that we named as UpBots Academy. This week’s post was about burning tokens which is a strong dynamic of UBXT tokenomics and burning feature effects on deflation. If you haven’t yet, you can enjoy reading our Burn article here 


UBXT Burning




Couple days ago we announced that UpBots’ Performance fees system will be working on Binance Smart Chain only, therefore now burning takes place in Binance Smart Chain Network. Therefore, in this weekly wrap up, we wanted to include a recap for UBXT Burnt on ETH Network. A Total of 217,998.57 UBXTs were burnt in the ETH network.


Pro Tips



Lately, after our new Acquisition Manager Magda joined the team, we started to share some fun facts in social media about crypto-space that is called “UpBots Pro Tip”. We realized that this brings more attention to our social media accounts. Here is last week pro-tip : https://twitter.com/UpBotscom/status/1461016913052639236




Crypto Africa Roundup Recap




“Hey Brian don’t be sad that you missed the UpBots featuring Crypto Round Up AFRICA live session on Twitter Spaces last week. You can listen on SoundCloud”




IT Developments Sneak Peak

  • Superbots NFT & front mobile improvement 
  • New currencies in addition to Euro and USD 
  • Improving trading engine
  • Multilevel staking 

The full roadmap is on our documentation, of course. 


And that concludes our weekly wrap up for another week. 


If you haven’t already joined our Telegram or Discord please come say hi. 


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