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Into Web3: Part 3

Opportunities in the Web3 World


In addition to contributing to the growth of the gaming industry and related crypto investments, the numerous types of opportunities that Web3 Metaverse will create for gamers and creators have other supports:


First of all, it is interpreted as the fact that people are spending more and more time online, the younger generation’s interest in digital activities is increasing day by day, and more and more people are meeting with gaming. According to a study from Goldman Sachs, while on average one-third of the day (8 hours a day) is spent on TV, games or social media in the US, this is likely to create a rapidly growing virtual goods consumption economy.


Secondly, the advantages of crypto in this area are highlighted: Since people also spend money to gain social status in this digital gaming world, in projects like Decentraland in the metaverse, interacting, voting, managing, earning tokens, buying NFT and time spent here. It is possible to transfer what has been gained to the real world.


For these reasons, if a growth trend is achieved, the advantage of crypto structures in in-game expenditures in making the gaming industry an important source of income has also been noted:


It is already known that the transition from Premium Spend, that is, paid games to free games, has increased in the gaming industry. And as the chart shows, global virtual game revenue from $180 billion in 2020 is expected to reach $400 billion in 2025, with almost 90% of it coming from In-Game Spend. In this case, Web3 Metaverse crypto structures are expected to offer environments where game developers can generate income by selling in-game parts (In-Game Spend) much better.



Not Just Gaming



The growth of the Web3 Metaverse world is not limited to the fact that the advantages it offers to the parties in the gaming industry are much greater than those of the closed institution metaverse users. According to the research, Metaverse opportunities are predicted to revolutionize many other industries and create a trillion-dollar revenue opportunity, especially by monetizing areas such as advertising, social commerce, digital events, developer/creator, and hardware, as the chart shows.




The fact that this new economy is just at the beginning and the strength of its growth potential is explained by comparing the number of users, the funds collected and the market values ​​of those in competition.



Number of users



Considering the active wallets, the number of Web3 Metaverse users is thought to have increased by 10 times since the beginning of 2020, reaching approximately 50,000; This figure, which is very small when compared to the other segments of Web3 and Web2 in the table, also points to the growth potential.



Because Web3 Metaverse structures create real value for developers, content producers/creators and users, even roughly all segments in the table: It is stated that sales such as virtual land, goods and services in Web3 Metaverse have reached 200 million dollars. In these crypto-dominated virtual worlds, million-dollar primary and secondary markets have been created in a free-market context for creators and asset holders. Therefore, in these areas that have always been controlled by Web2 central companies, if these companies lag behind, the potential for Web3 Metaverse structures to increase their earnings is quite high.

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