Invite your friends & earn passive income

Share your unique link with your friends to earn 200 UBXN virtual credit for both and earn up to 10% of their performance fees


Reward System

  • 200 UBXN virtual credit for you AND everyone you refer!

    • Share your referral link with your friends - both of you will receive 200 UBXN virtual credit as soon as your friend confirms their email address. Credit can be used on UpBots to activate any of our HODL outperforming bots.
  • Get up to 10% of Your Referees' performance fees for LIFE!

    • LEVEL 1 Once a new user signs up to UpBots thanks to your invitation, you will earn up to 10% of all of his performance fees… for life!
    • LEVEL 2 Do your friends invite other friends? It's partly thanks to you, isn't it? That's why you will also receive 2% of everything your referees' friends pay. The % here is fixed.

How does it work?

The UpBots Referral Program is a multi leveled way for You to start earning passive income. We designed it to reward our Community for their efforts spreading the good word about UpBots. Sign up - Get Your Unique Link - Share it with Everyone - Start Earning!

  • Share

    Share your referral link or QR code to your friends via email or social media. You can find this link in the dedicated page.

  • Receive

    Receive 200 UBXN virtual credit for you and your friends once both your emails are validated. Credit will be used to pay performance fees on profitable bot trades.

  • Earn

    Earn up to 10% of the performance fees paid by your friends PLUS 2% of the performance fees paid by their friends.