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New Feature: Decentralized Crypto Swaps

A new year, new hope for an end to the pandemic, and lots of new shiny features from UpBots to look forward to. Starting today with Swaps.

Swaps are a little bit like wife swap…you put your crypto in the bowl and it all gets swirled around and then the wives pick out the crypto one by one, and you just hope you don’t end up having to go upstairs with Theadora, because she picked out your crypto and she has those gnarly hobbit feet, all hairy with twisted toes and nail fungus… 

Just kidding, it’s nothing at all like that. Nothing like that ever happened. Not even that one time at bandcamp. 

New Feature: Decentralized Crypto Swaps

Anyway, this is DEX Swaps…not wife swaps, so the good news is there’s no bowls of crypto, no swirling, and no Theadora’s. (Sorry Brian, I know twisted hobbit feet are your thing)

Instead there is Blasting, Sushi, Unicorns, some curves and all sorts of other decentralized tastiness. 

There’s best rates, slippage controls, 0% mark up and more exchanges than you could wave a swapped wife at.


So knowing you will get the best decentralized deal possible, you could hypothetically trade your currently all-time-high ETH, for a suitcase full of high potential, hugely undervalued crypto. Like UBXT…for example! 😉 

(not financial advice but sell high and buy low is what this crypto trading game is all about…am I right?!)

Here’s a screencap of what the newly launched swaps interface looks like right now:

New Feature: Decentralized Crypto Swaps

Currently the swaps are powered by DEX.ag but we will be integrating Paraswap and 1inch into the engine in coming weeks along with a whole bunch of other cool stuff. 

On the top left you have the currency pair selection area, where you can define the amount you want to swap as well as the slippage that you can tolerate on the swap. Right now the max is 1% but we will be adjusting this up to 5% in the next release. 

To the right side you will see your metamask account which you can connect 


On the bottom left is a list of decentralized exchanges. These are all the exchanges that will be queried when you click on Search in the middle of the screen.

If you want to exclude a particular exchange this part of the interface will let you do so easily. Simply untick the box to the left. 

To the right of the exchanges section you will see the results of your search for the best swap.

This will repopulate each time you click the Search button above with the best latest deal. 

NOTE: This feature of the platform will actually trade the capital you have in MetaMask if you tell it to, so please make sure you are happy with each step of the trade and double check everything. 

I’d ask you to remember that this is the very first iteration of this part of the UpBots interface, but it’s a big step forward for our platform users because this is the first time you can manually trade your decentralized capital.


So on behalf of the whole team here at UpBots I invite you take the brand new decentralized crypto swaps section for a test drive and as always if you have any constructive feedback or suggestions on what you would like to see in the interface by way of improvement or something you feel we missed, by all means come on over to our Discord server or Telegram group and let us know. 


Links for both places as well as all of our other socials are in the footer just below this post.

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