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Recruiting: Crypto Trading Algorithm Developers

Creating strategies that yield profits is a true form of art. Master Traders have put countless hours into crafting successful trading algorithms that allow them to reap sweet profits.

If I’ve just described you then please read on because UpBots could be a lucrative new income stream for you. 

Having seen the profits some of these pro traders pull in, many of us wish we knew their secrets. You’d probably think a top-tier trader would be out of his or her mind to give up their secrets, and you wouldn’t be too far wrong.


But what if there was a way Master Traders and Algo Developers could share their algos that are kicking ass without giving away the recipe to their secret sauce and still make a killing in passive income? 


Now there is! 


Well hello there UpBots Success Fees…How you doin?? 


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What are Success Fees?

With UpBots we have set out to create an ecosystem where everyone wins. Here is a high level breakdown of how it works.


The advanced trader or algo developer, or a super quant, or anyone (yes Brian potentially even you) can apply to become a Master Trader on UpBots and share his, or her expertise and get paid handsomely for it. I’ll flesh this out with an example in a minute.


The newbie trader (we call them New Recruits) can benefit from ready to go algo bots that execute automatically once enabled. These will be created by Master Traders, or in other words they will be programmed by people with lots of experience creating algos and they will be quality assured. 


In addition to UpBots doing QA, all algos will be rated by the community over time AND will show previous performance results so the New Recruit has transparency about how the algo and bot have performed in the past. 


And finally they only pay for the bot when it wins in a success fee. So you could say we all win, or nobody does – and that includes UpBots.  


So let’s get real for a moment with an example scenario. I’ve kept the numbers round and simple for illustrative purposes.


An Example Scenario with Numbers

Let’s say hypothetically speaking 1,000 users are all using AlgoX created by Derek, who has become a Master Trader on UpBots and has loaded his algo onto an UpBots bot. 


On average each user has $1000 USDT being managed by the bot running AlgoX. For illustrative purposes; it’s a long ETH/USDT trading bot.


Hypothetically speaking, let’s imagine the bot traded all 1000 users into ETH when it broke $1k per coin, and traded out as soon as it hit $1,100 as the trend reversed. So on that trade 1000 people made a 10% ROI or in this case more specifically $100 USDT. 


Not bad for an afternoon of doing nothing at all!


Because the thousand users are only paying for the algo rental based on performance fees (so only when they win) each user will pay 20% of their profit on the trade; 5% to the UpBots ecosystem and 15% to the algorithm developer.


Derek the Master Trader who developed the algo that powers the AlgoX Bot, earns $15 from each of the users on the trade, and UpBots gets $5**


** Of this 5% — a quarter is burned as part of our Burning Program. A quarter is redistributed to members of our Hold Program, and half is retained by UpBots to keep the lights on!


In this example the fee’s paid would work out like this:

– $15,000 to Derek’s UBXT wallet

– $1,250 to Burn Program

– $1,250 to the UBXT Profit Pool (Hold Program)

– $2,500 to UpBots


That’s with just 1000 users on just one trade. Imagine 100k users making 5 – 10 trades per month.

If you can develop Algo’s that help New Recruits to win, then the income potential is huge and we want to help you win, because when you win the entire UpBots ecosystem wins.

And best of all for the Master Trader – it’s almost completely passive once it’s up and running. 


The Mechanics of Performance Fees 

With the UpBots platform being built on the blockchain, and having our own ecosystem token, everyone has full transparency to see and check the Performance Fees relating to algo bots. 

You can check out another article we published that outlines exactly how perf fees work over on our Medium.


Next Steps For Algo Devs

We would love for you to get in touch with us if you are interested in becoming a Master Trader on the UpBots platform. 

Please either email us on [email protected] and we will get in touch.

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Recruiting: Crypto Trading Algorithm Developers


Got more questions on how to earn with success fees? Come join our Telegram, Discord, or leave your comment below.

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