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UpBots Manual Trading Feature

Trading crypto comes with its highs and lows the minute you hit that button to submit your order. One moment you’re looking at all your gains during a bull run and feeling like you’re on a rocket to the moon. 


Then all of a sudden a bear market hits, the engine on your rocket explodes, and you start plummeting back to earth. Rekkkkt town – population you.

UpBots Manual Trading Feature

The UpBots team is well aware of this and it’s why we are developing one of the most advanced manual trade features in the marketplace. Any configuration of trade you would like to set up you will be able to.
UpBots Manual Trading Feature

However Trading Utopia wasn’t built in a day and before we roll out all the advanced features we’re launching the basic interface to whet your appetite.

UpBots Manual Trading Feature

The Basic Manual Trade will be preferred by newbie traders and those looking to take a quick scalp or just need to convert some of their USDT gainz over to BNB to minimise Binance fees.

Whatever your reason, hurray! One less reason to need to log in to your Binance a/c.


Getting started with UpBots Manual Trading

Manual trade is what we call the area of the UpBots interface where you can create limit and market orders directly on your exchange of choice. 


Initially we will launch the basic view of this feature on Binance with the advanced manual trade feature being enabled in the near future. 


Advanced manual trade will enable traders on UpBots to create as advanced, complex and dynamic a position in any currency pair as they like. This will be the most advanced tool on the market in this respect with multiple stop losses, trailing stops, the ability to automatically DCA into a position, and have multiple take profits to exit it to control your risk and exposure at a very granular level.


For today however it is our first step with the Basic Manual Trade. While the complexity of trades a user can set up is limited compared with the advanced manual trade interface, this is a huge step forward for UpBots.


Huge because what you can’t see as a user is our trading engine that powers this feature of the interface. This is the same engine that will power advanced manual trade. 


The basic manual trade feature allows users to create and submit limit and market orders for any of the crypto pairs on Binance so this means it is now much more convenient to perform maintenance actions like converting USDT into BNB for lower transaction fees. 

Creating an API on Binance

If you already have an API key in place (trading enabled!) to facilitate algo bot trading, OR just portfolio tracking (must have trading enabled on the API key) then you can skip this section. If not please read on to learn how to connect your UpBots A/c to Binance.


Let’s head over to the Binance exchange and get started creating our API. 


  1. Sign-in to your Binance exchange account

  2. Under “Options”, locate the API Management section.
    UpBots Manual Trading Feature

  3. Create a label to your API (this is the name of your API). Then hit the “Create API” button. 

  4. Receive your security code via phone, email, and Google Auth then click the “Submit” button
    UpBots Manual Trading Feature

Now you have successfully created an API. Remember that you can always delete this API and create a new one if needed.
UpBots Manual Trading Feature
Connecting Binance to your UpBots account

  1. Sign up for an account at UpBots

  2. On your dashboard click the “Add CEX” button
    UpBots Manual Trading Feature

  3. You’ll be brought to the Connect your API menu. Fill in the required information to connect your wallet to UpBots.
    UpBots Manual Trading Feature

4.  Hit the “Connect” button and you are good to go! You should now see your connected wallet listed under “My Exchange Keys” and “My Portfolios”

Getting started with Manual Trade Basic

Now that your API has been connected, let’s hop into the Manual Trading menu.
UpBots Manual Trading Feature

The dashboard provides a complete overview of the current exchange rate for a selected crypto pair via TradingView. You’ll also see complete logs from the Order Book and Trading History below. There is also a crypto news feed located to the bottom right. 


When you want to submit an order you’ll need to use the menu to the left. Specify the crypto pair you want to trade, if you wish to buy or sell, select the order type (market/limit), and input how much you are looking to trade. 


UpBots Manual Trading Feature


Click “Create Order” and then your trade is off!


That is all there is to it when using UpBots manual trade. Now there are two methods to trade available to you, using our algo bots and manual trades. Be sure to use their power wisely!
UpBots Manual Trading Feature

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