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UpBots Trading Bots Now Available on FTX

Big announcement today – UpBots users can now trade their capital on FTX with bots through the UpBots platform.  It’s always great to have options, whether it’s which cocktail to enjoy at the beach, which type of delicious cookie to enjoy, or what crypto exchange to trade on. 


Crypto exchanges, where on earth did that come from? While we certainly do enjoy a good drink or cookie (we don’t care that your favorite is plain digestive Brian) crypto trading is what we love and the more exchange choices the merrier!


Previously, our algo trading bots were only able to trade on the Binance Spot exchange. We’ve thought it over carefully and wanted to include a hip, newer crypto exchange to the mix. So we spun a wheel and BAM it landed on FTX. 

UpBots Trading Bots Now Available on FTX

But in all seriousness, FTX is an amazing exchange that is built by traders, for traders. Knowing this about them, as well as having them for a partner, FTX was the next logical choice.


Interestingly (for those of you into software design/engineering), we also completed some major backend work on the way the platform works. Essentially we modularised the trading bot part of the trading engine so that now any bot can trade on any exchange, once of course that exchange has been added to our platform. 


This is an important development milestone because it means adding new exchanges in the future will be easier and faster.


Other important updates in this release:

In addition to now being able to connect a bot to your FTX accounts, we have also pushed sub-account access onto production. In other words you can now also view and connect sub accounts on FTX to your portfolio for tracking, AND you can fire up an algo trading bot to trade on your sub-account of choice. 


First off…why are algo bots so awesome?

Maintaining a social life, full-time job, plus analyzing crypto charts can become demanding and take a toll on your health. So unless you want eyes that resemble a mutated raccoon, then algo bots are something you should check out immediately!

UpBots Trading Bots Now Available on FTX

Trading bots monitor the crypto markets for you throughout the day and night, so you can go about what you need to do (including sleep) without any worry. The available algorithms currently on the UpBots platforms are expertly crafted by top-notch algo devs from 4C Trading…these are guys who have been creating successful algos for years already. 


You know the kinds of guys who’s tinder profiles say that rather than taking long walks on the beach they prefer spreadsheets analysing 3 years of backtest data to better understand token velocity and the macro economic impact of the network effect of a particular currency in an assortment of market conditions.

Right now there are three algo bots available on UpBots, with more algo bots planned to come soon! To demonstrate just how effective these bots can be, let’s take a look at the Optimus bot developed by 4C-Trading.  


UpBots Trading Bots Now Available on FTX

If you want to take a closer look at any or all of these bots sign up for a free UpBots account today and get started on your own passive income stream. There’s really never been a better time as right now it’s completely free to use these bots. 

As the above screenshots detail, the Optimus range of bots have produced steady returns over a 6 month period!


For example by using the ETH/USDT algo bot on UpBots you could have turned your $1,000 USDT into $2,025** in the last 6 months. 


All bots in our rental section have been trialled and tested by our team. 


UpBots Trading Bots Now Available on FTX


You’ll no longer have to be a hot-shot crypto trader, who spends hours every day reading white papers and reading crypto news,  just to make money on the crypto markets. 


Renting algo bots allows virtually anyone to earn a passive income with UpBots. No longer will being new to trading or having a busy schedule prevent you from seeing results in crypto trading. 


Connecting a bot to the FTX exchange

Ready to get started? All you need is four easy steps and you’ll be on your merry way to renting out some algo bots. 


Connecting your FTX account to the UpBots platform is easy, and not to mention, also free!* However you must also make sure that you are staking some UBXT tokens on FTX, as it’s the only way to access our bots at this time. (on the flip side you will earn 25% APR on your staked tokens plus market price appreciation. 

  1. Sign up for an UpBots account
  2. Make sure you are staking UBXT (minimum stake 10,000 UBXT)
  3. Connect your FTX account via API
  4. Find a bot that trades on FTX and activate it 


Need some assistance getting set up? See a full walk through on setting up the algo bots here

Algo Developers can now easily put their algo’s on an FTX trading bot

Hey Trading Algorithm Developers! 


You can now create and rent algo bots for both Binance and FTX to UpBots users. That means there’s two exchanges to make trading algos for which = more ways to earn additional USDT revenue streams! 

Ahh, isn’t having choices great? 


And now a meme from our community…

UpBots Trading Bots Now Available on FTX

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*Free usage of the algo bots to trade on FTX and Binance is for a limited time only

** Disclaimer: Past performance of a bot does not guarantee future success. Make sure you invest with only what you can afford to lose. All Trading Bots are created by third parties, not by UpBots itself, and UpBots is in no way liable for losses resulting from the use of bots on the platform. At all times do your own research.

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