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Viewing ETH wallet data on UpBots

If you’ve been grabbing some DeFi tokens and trading on DEXs then you’re officially accepted into the “2020 cool kids of crypto club”. Try saying that 5 times faster!


Viewing ETH wallet data on UpBots


But in all seriousness, DeFi is a pretty awesome concept that’s still in its early stages and promises great things for us all.


As you continue to grow your long list of assets held in DeFi, it may become difficult to manage keeping track of everything, considering you’ll eventually have multiple liquidity pools and other DeFi project sites to sift through just to get a clear picture.


Viewing ETH wallet data on UpBots


Just think of having to do all the legwork of having dozens of tabs open just to check how you are doing! You’ll be so busy just assessing your DeFi held assets you’ll barely have any time to yourself! (Yes, that means less time to play with your Switch, Brian).


The UpBots team is well aware of this struggle DeFi investors go through, which is why we are happy to announce the launch of a more complete view of all your assets in DeFi directly in the portfolio section of the UpBots platform!


Check out a FULL instructional video below!

ETH wallet data dashboards

The UpBots ETH Portfolio overview is a summary and break down of all your decentralized assets in the Ethereum eco-system. 


All data dashboards featured here are powered by data pulled in via Covalent, which is then displayed in a user friendly way via our dashboard. 


Viewing ETH wallet data on UpBots


These dashboards provide a complete look at all transactions you’ve conducted overtime on multiple DEXs. Now there is no crucial info that may mysteriously disappear. 

A complete look into all your DeFi capital

Let’s take a look at how it all works! The portfolio “Summary” tab displays a total net balance of all your assets combined across CEXs and DEXs. Individual totals for DEXs and CEXs are right next to the total balance.

Viewing ETH wallet data on UpBots

Users can also see a complete breakdown across all their assets in the distribution table at the bottom.

Let’s take a gander into the ETH portfolio section and how it provides you with a full 3D view of all your ETH-related assets.

Viewing ETH wallet data on UpBots

This dashboard allows users to connect multiple ETH wallets and cycle through which ones they wish to view data for. The total portfolio net worth and assets are displayed right at the top, along with the debt a user has. If you’re familiar with the concept of borrowing crypto (such as on Compound) then this is what the debt is related to.

Viewing ETH wallet data on UpBots

The portfolio distribution section aligns each and every ERC20 token possessed by the user into a complete list. Now it’s easier than ever to view important data pertaining to a specific token, such as its amount and value. Users can view the value of each crypto asset in BTC or the fiat of their choosing.

Viewing ETH wallet data on UpBots

The graph to the right (Portfolio evolution) supplies some visualization of the growth of the user’s crypto assets throughout a defined period of time. Users can also adjust the displayed values to be represented by a specific fiat or cryptocurrency.

Liquidity Pool data views

The dashboard towards the bottom displays all your assets across several DeFi platforms. Aave, Compound, Uniswap, and Balancer are currently supported with Curve coming very soon.      


Information on your liquidity pools, staking, balance, accrued debt, and market value of all your DeFi tokens on each platform are neatly organized and displayed here for you to assess.

Viewing ETH wallet data on UpBots



Viewing ETH wallet data on UpBots

This section provides our users with a complete, full 360 view of all their trading assets allocated onto these popular DeFi platforms. Now managing multiple liquidity pools is easier than ever!


Please note that these data dashboards are still in beta mode, so if you encounter any issues or difficulties do be sure to tell us. Your feedback is valued and helps us maintain a quality platform.



If you’re now ready to hop on board the “easier DeFi asset management” train then come try out our demo platform. You’ll be able to get started right away by connecting an ETH wallet and easily assessing your ETH portfolio. 


Evaluating your DeFi has never been easier with the UpBots ETH portfolio displays. Certainly, we all enjoy it when things are easy. 


And now a meme from our community…


Viewing ETH wallet data on UpBots


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