Portfolio management

All your wallets in one single place

Follow the evolution of your portfolio easily on UpBots. You will be able to add the different exchanges (DEX & CEX), follow their evolution independently, and see the total value of all your accounts.

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Add your CEX & DEXs Exchanges

  • On UpBots you can monitor your Centralized and Decentralized portfolio in one single place.
  • To connect your Centralized Portfolio you simply have to add its API key. This will also allow you to trade manually or automatically with the account added.
  • To connect your Decentralized Portfolio you can use the Metamask or Binance Smart Chain wallet extension or enter the address of the wallet your want to follow.

Follow the evolution of your portfolios

Get a detailed view of your portfolio, your total balance, your portfolio distribution as well as your portfolio evolution.

  • Total Balance

    Your portfolio balance is the total value of all your CEXs portfolios, in USD or EUR (depending on preference) and in BTC.

  • Portfolio Distribution

    These two tables allow you to have a complete view of your assets and their weight in your total portfolio.

  • Portfolio Evolution

    View here the evolution of your portfolio, by day, weeks, months or since the addition of your key.

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Our Supported Exchanges

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