Earn Passive Income

Stake your UBXN and get rewarded

Use our UBXN staking pools and LP Staking pools on Ethereum and Binance smart chain and earn UBXN and access to excuslive bots

How It Works

How does it work?

  • Staking will allow users to deposit UBXN tokens, or LP-UNI tokens directly on the interface in order to receive a reward. Everything happens in the blockchain, via Smart-Contracts.
  • These rewards are distributed to each block on ETH and distributed among all participants. At each block, the same fixed reward will be distributed, regardless of the total stored in the Smart Contract.

Staking Benefits

  • Lower Performance fees

    Lower Performance fees

    Stake on our UBXN Staking Pool and get a discount on the performance fees rate for the algobots.

  • APY Reward & more to come

    APY Reward & more to come

    Stake in our pools and receive UBXN in return.

  • Access to exclusive bots

    Access to exclusive bots

    Stake on our UBXN pools and get access to community bots for free.

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