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Your CEX and DEX portfolios in one single place

What is UpBots

Your CEX and DEX portfolios in one single place

Your CEX and DEX portfolios in one single place

UpBots allows you to have a complete view of your centralized AND decentralized portfolios. Track your wallets balance and evolution over time, connect to a bot or use our staking program to earn UBXT.

Why US

No Upfront Fees.


UpBots fair payment system means no upfront fees are required to use any of our bots. You only pay when you are in profit! In case of a loss, virtual credits are added to your account and no payment is deducted for as long as your losses are not recovered.


Your Trading Partner Wherever You Are

Download our mobile application and enjoy an easier way to keep an eye on your positions, manage your bots and monitor your portfolios

Why Do People Pick Us?

We Put Our Users First

Trade on a fully secured, transparent cloud based infrastructure with UpBots



Follow all your trades, whether manual or automated with accuracy so you’ll never miss a beat


Safe & Secure

Know that your cryptos are always safe with UpBots. We only use APIs and never request withdrawal rights


Cloud Based

Access your ability to trade, stake, yield, farm or see your porftolios performance securely from anywhere


Why do Traders choose UpBots ?

“Since signing up with UpBots, using some profit on another trade I started to use their bots. Since then UpBots has allowed me to enjoy more of my life with the profits I’ve made.”
Damien F.
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UBXT Token Ecosystem


Signal provider subscriptions, training & other marketplace services paid in UBXT


Social copy trading & trading bot rental works on a pay upon performance commission


Our referrals earn UBXT for both – the referrer & the referee! Tell your friends and make sure they tell their friends to earn UBXT.

UBXT Staking

Incentives for holding UBXT includes staking pool APY as well as a share of the performance fees made on every trade


Aggressive token burn program, token staking, LP farming as well as our USDT vaults all control token velocity


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