All-in-one Trading Ecosystem For The Modern Trader

Trade Crypto, DeFi, Forex & Commodities, manually or with bots on a brand new trading platform built from the ground up, on the blockchain, by traders

Democratizing The Financial Revolution

At UpBots our mission is to create an all-in-one platform that democratizes the financial revolution that Bitcoin started, and which DeFi is now expanding upon.


With class leading tools designed to empower user success whether newbie or advanced, whether trading crypto on centralized or decentralised exchanges, or even investing in DeFi solutions.

The UpBots Platform

The UpBots platform makes trading simple for new recruits but offers powerful advanced trading tools for experienced traders

Ability to trade on both DEXs and CEXs simultaneously

Blockchain-based web and mobile trading platform

Complete set of powerful, advanced trading tools in a simple, beautiful interface

Training resources built into the platform to help traders learn and grow at their own pace

Social copy-trading tool for the newbie and busy traders

Stake, lend and borrow assets from a multitude of DeFi protocols

Bot Creator where you can develop, use & rent your own trading algo

Marketplace for the best signals providers in the space

Wide range of automatic trading bots ready to deploy

Extensive decision support tools to create an unmatched trading experience

UBXT Token Ecosystem


Platform subscriptions, signal provider subscriptions, training & other marketplace services paid in UBXT


Social copy trading & bot algorithm rental. Works on a pay upon performance commission model


Referrals earn UBXT for both the referrer and the referee, so members can tell their friends and earn UBXT

Hodl program

Incentives for holding UBXT include free platform membership, higher referrals, free tools, and more..


Token limit, hold program, token locking and token burning will control token velocity.

Token Structure

Name, Supply

UBXT, 500 million

Type of token

ERC20 – Utility Token

Token price, USD

0,01 USD / UBXT

Token Allocation

Use of Funds

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Founders & Team

Benjamin DUVAL






Angelique MASSOLO


Sylvain KUNTZ

Business Developer


Marketing Director


Strategic Advisor


Expert Trader

Mickaël MIKADO


Gordon Preumont

Full Stack Developer




Philippe DE RIDDER


Alexandre DERRIEN


Hojung LEE


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Frequently Asked Questions

Upbots is an all-in-one platform that brings together the best crypto trading tools and strategies that are generally stand-alone services. It provides a 360° trading experience where users simply choose what best suits their profile.
Solfin consulting is a holding company created by Benjamin Duval and Julien Quertain that owns several sub-companies specialized in different but complementary activities in the cryptocurrency market. Thus 4C-Trading, Brainfeed and Upbots are all part of the same Solfin ecosystem. The concrete implications for Upbots are :
  • The signals of 4C-Trading will be available in the Upbots market place and UBXT token can be used to pay the subscription.
  • All the content created by Brainfeed will be available on the Upbots platform and would be purchased with the UBXT token
Upbots is benefiting from the synergies of the network but also from the team’s experience.

Yes we have now launched our MVP and will be making iterative updates daily and weekly in the coming months.
Please try out the UpBots MVP platform for free here

The main reasons to use the blockchain for Upbots are the use of smart contracts in the platform such as referral ad subscriptions and the transparency of transactions and remunerations for bot fees and social copy trading.

The product: 

  • it brings together in a single platform all the tools needed to trade efficiently and the best trading strategies carefully selected by Upbots experts. The quality control made by Upbots will simplify the life of crypto traders. All they need to do is to choose among all these options those that best match their trading profile.
Reputation & Expertise: 
  • Upbots is part of a successful existing eco system including one of the top signal provider, a crypto website, a training provider and a high skilled and passionate team.

Upbots DeFi ecosystem is growing with more partners being added daily. Recently we signed working relationships with Reserve Protocol, Dex.AG and HXRO.

Yes, UpBots is non-custodial.

Our smart contract is open-source and available to view on Github, however our trading platform, trader marketplace and algo bots are proprietary.

We will use the bounty system to improve our platform. Developers who find an issue on our code or platform will be rewarded in tokens. More details will be announced later.