How to grow your community with Discord?
Oct 25, 2022
12:00 PM

The time has come to discuss a long awaited - and in the blockchain industry quite frequently used - social platform: Discord! Buckle up, and get your notepads ready, as Discord is a channel that's really worth taking notes of.

In the following we will get you up to speed with not-to-miss details you need to know about the industry's favourite "chat room"! Are you ready? Let's get into it!

What is Discord?

Of course "chat room" is not enough to describe the platform, when we are talking about it's full capabilities, yet you might have heard of it or have even used it as such. 

Discord is a completely free communications app that emerged first as the go-to method for the communications  of gaming communities. Having expanded it's original roots, from the gaming world and communities, it has - thanks to, as you, yourself might know too, the huge overlap between gaming and crypto communities - spread over to many-many different communties. Today, it's widely used by everyone from business to art. 

You probably have seen it yourself, that it'd be quite hard to find a blockchain community or business entity that has not set up shop on Discord already. With the wide array of quite flexible options to manage & grow your community,using it is a no brainer, given that the advantages (listed below) fit your business goals.

Best Practices

Discord on the top level is split into servers. Anyone can create their own servers based on any topic or business for that matter, that they wish. Inside these servers you can create channels based on sub-topics, activities or anything you wish. People can join your server and from there, move into the room which interest them the most. 

Using this feature alone, can provide you with great amounts of information about your target audience, and how best to service them. From a marketing standpoint, creating these channels, let's you segment your audiences, and inspect which rooms are the ones that are most popular in terms of usage.

A big brained thing to do is to create rooms right away based on either research you have done or your hypotheses about what your target audience would prefer the most. Is it getting into long arguements about the future of a certain coin, or sharing and sharpening trading strategies with one another? Create channels and find out which one attracts the most people.

Discord offers the option of conducting communications via many different methods. To expand on the human side of communicating online, Discord offers 3 types of way your community can reach and get to know each other. You have your standard, bread-and-butter texting, but beyond that, people can join into channels which have voice communications enabled too. In these channels, people can enable their microphones indefinitely, or just when they are speaking. This option helps your audiences feel like they are in the same room, furthering bonding with each other. 

Another option which helps bonding, is video chat! Video chatting is like a Zoom call with your favourite community of people. 

All these methods of interactions help your community become a tightly knit one, your job is to give them the purpose and value to rally around!


Discord is a powerful and widely used tool with many advantages to utilise, beyond just being a "chat room". In a future article we will be tackling other features the platform boasts, as there are much more you can use it for.

Keep your eyes peeled, and until then, get on track with building your own community on Discord!