Rockin' Referrers : How to make an awesome video?
May 16, 2022
8:00 AM

This month at Upbots we introduce you with the Rockin’ Referees series! In this series we’ll go through every aspect of content creation, starting this week with video!

For years, the place of video in marketing strategy has been growing more and more and it’s no surprise. But have you ever wondered why?Let's think about it for a second!

Do we prefer information in the form of text or in the form of video? For me the question is quickly answered, video is more engaging and more entertaining to watch than simple text. This is also the opinion of over 85% of the population according to a survey conducted by Hubspot.

Why is all about video?

According to some estimates, 82% of marketing in 2022 will be done in video format. This is easy to understand when you think about the emergence of social networks such as TikTok or Instagram. Video is no longer reserved for entertainment purposes, still according to Hubspot, 84% of consumers say they bought a product or service after watching a video broadcasted by the brand, and 78% of companies find that video has directly impacted their sales upwards. 

When you think about it, the majority of information our brains take in during the day is in the form of images. Our brain assimilates visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information. Video is therefore of the utmost importance. In addition, potential customers are more educated and spend much more time comparing before buying than before. This is also due to a much greater access to information than before.

The population now has a preference for peer reviews, and prefers when someone "normal", not related to the company, reviews it rather than the company itself.

How to proceed?

Ok, so now we all agree on the importance of video in a marketing strategy! Let's get to the heart of the matter, how do you make an amazing video for your community?

Make a script!

The first and most important thing to do is to write a script. The best way to do this is to visualize your video in advance, and eventually make a storyboard with each of your shots. Your video, in order to hold the attention of your audience, must follow a certain structure:

- The Hook

This is used to hook your audience by briefly explaining what the video will be about. It is at this point that the viewers will decide if they want to stay on your video or not. It can be something like: "Today we will review the most complete all-in-one trading platform".

- Intro

In this part of your video, you introduce yourself, tell a little about who you are, what you do, etc. This can take the form of "Hi everyone this is Trader X, feel free to click on the notification bell and smash the like button". In this part you also explain how the next part, the content, is going to be presented.

- Content

The heart of the matter, it is in this part that you will explain the subject of the video, to take the example of the hook, it is here that you make the tour horizon by explaining the various features present on the platform.

- Bonus and call-to-action

This is the part where you will give bonus information, for example how to create a sub-account to facilitate the use of the platform. This is also where you share your referral code.

Choose the appropriate duration!

This is extremely important, as it will affect the media you use to publish afterwards. 

  • If you make videos that are 30 seconds to 1 minute long, this is perfectly fine for very short introduction videos. It can be used as a teaser for a bigger video, on TikTok for example.

  • For videos that last between 3 and 5 minutes, you can already go into more detail while remaining easy to watch for viewers.

  • Between 7 and 10 minutes, it's the perfect format to go into details without going over too much time. It's a perfect format for a review or for a screen sharing tutorial video.

Spruce it up in post production!

After finishing your video, it's time to edit! No miracle recipes here but follow the basic rules of post-production. You can use PowerDirector 365 or even Adobe Premiere Pro, the latter is the state of the art of video editing.

  • Don't hesitate to zoom in on your face to emphasize the importance of what you are saying at that moment.

  • Don't hesitate to speed up some parts of your video, a technique that we can see in many recipe videos for example.

  • Don't forget to carefully select your background music, if there is one, or your transitions. You can find them on specialized databases.


Here we are already at the end of this article, you now know how to create a video that will have impact, we have gone through every important detail, from the material to the creation of the script.

Nevertheless, the main component of success will remain your personality, so don't be afraid to be yourself!

In the next episode we will talk about the specific platforms for video promotion!