Marketplace V2 is OUT! Upcoming 30 days of excitement with UBXT up for grabs!
Sep 14, 2022
10:00 PM

As you know, Upbots and UBXT is a whole ecosystem. We have recently released a lot of new features on SuperBots but that's not to say that we have forgotten about Upbots. That's why we wanted to celebrate our next update with you, for that nothing better than a 30 days campaign full of surprises right?

Indeed, in the last couple of weeks we have implemented the first version of the bot creator, which will eventually allow you to create your own strategy. We have also done a whole series of tests on a feature that should please you a lot, the social copy trading.

However, that's not why we're here today but rather for the official announcement of our Marketplace V2! An update then? Yes, but not only that, not only have we been working on making the interface more responsive, but we're also going to accompany this with a campaign worthy of the name (Yes there will be rewards, don't worry)

What is happening?

We have prepared a list of surprises for you to look forward to EVERY DAY for the next 30 days!

These will include:

  1. 30.000 UBXT up for grabs EVERY WEEK

  2. New educational campaigns 

  3. New bots coming in every week

Why is this happening?

The market is evolving, the algos must follow. After a time of improvement of our application, it is time to analyze the available algorithms and finally add all the algorithms that were pending. Why? Because keeping these gold mines just for us would not be nice! And there is so many algos you will like! And now, we feel it is extremely important to take our marketplace from a start-up phase, with few available algorithms, to a growth phase with a more elaborate strategy choice.

In order to do this, we have to remove from time to time the strategies that do not generate enough alpha anymore and make room for others that will allow you to go through the next bull run (but not only) with a lighter mind.

How will it work?

Everyone likes surprises, right? It's not Christmas yet but we all already think about our advent calendar? Well for you this year Upbots is getting ahead of the game by offering you a calendar full of surprises. It can be a new algorithm listed, or new contest, etc.. It starts today and for a total of 4 weeks.

More info?

You want more info? To celebrate the arrival of the marketplace 2.0, we have decided to list a (rather large) list of new strategies. We'll have long-only algorithms, which are great for the future uptrend that will start again for sure, but we'll also have MoonRocket, which will make you wait with their long/short strategy. Finally, we will list some Gravity Trading algorithms. As for the exact date of the listing, this will be done little by little as we go through our calendar.

Is that all?

Well, no! There would be no good campaign without rewards, right? Upbots has thought of everything! Every week for 4 weeks we will organize a contest on Twitter based on tweet and retweet with 30.000 UBXT to win. The winner will be randomly selected.

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