Rockin’ Referrers: Best platform choices for the crypto ecosystem (part 2)
Jul 11, 2022
6:43 AM

Rockin’ Referrers: Best platform choices for the crypto ecosystem (part 2)

Last week we discussed the ideal combination of social media if you have video editing skills. Indeed, this would allow you to make Youtube your main platform. This week we continue to explore the different acquisition strategies using a different combination of available media. We will then focus on the second possibility, without video. The most logical alternative for this will of course be a blog or medium. We will use this to publish a big analysis or article at least twice a week. Then, for the daily analysis, it can be done on Twitter, the platform lends itself very well to the exercise. Finally, for the direct exchange with your community, we have the choice between Discord and Telegram but having discussed Discord last week, our choice will be Telegram.

A little reminder of best practices

Blog Post / Content marketing

Be able to tell a story

Stories are much more memorable than facts, so storytelling is one of the most important skills in content marketing.

Be able to analyze data

Insight to create and execute marketing strategies. Data acquisition and management tools are becoming more and more powerful, allowing you to refine your strategy based on facts and data. This skill goes beyond knowing how a Google Analytics dashboard works. Interpreting the numbers to understand your audience and implement the right actions is essential.

Knowing perfectly your sector of activity

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to point out, that no one will read if you don’t master analytics or the crypto industry? It is necessary to keep up to date in order not to be outdone.

Having a creative mind

As a community manager, creativity is one of the most important factors in your success. Especially right now! The health crisis has shown us the importance of thinking outside the box to better connect with your community. Put that creativity and inspiration in your articles


Create quality content

Good quality content is what will allow your brand to become a reference on Twitter. To make sure your tweets are shared and liked by your community, keep in mind these three elements. Storytelling: use narration to create interactive content. Your community will be able to easily identify with it and engagement will be reinforced. Personalization: Through your content, show that you are engaging with your community to help, give advice or simply provide quality information. It could also be market analysis or trade recommendation. Connection: Focus on creating real connections with followers who are particularly active in the crypto fields. Over time, quality content will be your best ally in making your brand stand out from the surrounding social noise!

Take advantage of Twitter lists

Curiously, this Twitter feature is under-exploited. However, if used properly, it can be very effective. All you have to do is create lists to gather the profiles that interest you: influencers to follow, competitors, keywords, hashtags… Twitter lists are an excellent tool to segment your customers, exchange with your prospects and be aware of all the news in your sector.

Measure your impact

At least once a month – and ideally once a week – get into the habit of checking the results of your activity on Twitter. The statistics provided by Twitter analytics are useful to follow the evolution of your number of followers, but also to identify the contents that were the most successful with your community.


Organize contests to get members to invite more friends

In order to increase audience engagement and improve interaction, and increase your reputation, running contests is a strategy that pays off.

Avoid constant self-promotion

If you want to keep your community loyal and motivate them to recommend you, it is important to inspire comfort when connecting with them and avoid flooding, at the risk of making them leave quickly.

Participate in forums to promote your channel

It is appropriate to participate in forums such as Reddit or Quora to promote your Telegram channel or group. To do this, start by studying or analyzing which sections are most active by forum users and when you do this, proceed to create posts leaving the link to your channel there.

Vary the content you share

It is interesting to take into account the preferences of your audience to propose content that matches their tastes and thus improve their experience to increase their loyalty. Therefore, choose to vary the information you publish in these groups to implement the diversity that in many cases contributes to successful community growth.

Create your own Telegram bot

They have the ability to perform a range of actions in an automated way, which, of course, can be a great help for content distribution in your app channels.

Use paid promotion

If you want to invest to get better results when running your marketing campaigns on Telegram, you can choose to use paid promotion within the platform.


Video content is therefore not a must for growing a community and offering its service. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the content, even if it has to be directed in the same direction, does not have to be the same on all the platforms used. Even if you only use three social media platforms, it doesn’t take away the obligation to have a clear strategy. Good luck to you!