Rockin' Referrer: How to grow your community on Facebook
Sep 18, 2022
8:00 AM

As you know, it's been several months since we launched our Rockin Referrers series. In that time, we've already covered a lot of topics such as social media platforms but it's necessary to do a little refresher for the newcomers.

Today we're going to look at how to grow a community on Facebook, ready? Let's get started!

Why a Facebook page?

You should be aware that not all firms automatically receive it. A page may not be necessary because your target audience may not be using Facebook. To start a Facebook profile for your company, you must, however, ask the correct questions to yourself.

  • Is it pertinent to my company?

  • Is it appropriate for my intended audience?

  • Do I have the in-house tools necessary to run and maintain this Facebook page?

Facebook is a rather all-encompassing network, so it may contain all of your possible targets. There are various types of groups and sites. Additionally, it is a social network that is (relatively) simple to use for both brands and regular consumers. Sadly, not everyone can effectively manage their Facebook page!

How to start?

The key to success on a Facebook page is obviously quality content perfectly adapted to your target. You may not find the magic recipe on the first try, but by dint of perseverance and analysis you will find your cruising speed (without falling asleep on your laurels!).

 There are several simple tricks that will allow you to grow your community on Facebook. If you're starting from scratch, start by promoting your page internally to your employees for example. If you already have a customer or prospect base, you can consider sending an email to announce the good news! 

Additionally, you can ask your personal friends to like your Facebook profile. Only use this strategy if you want to harm your pals. You can advertise on Facebook after using all of your internal and consumer resources. Additionally, you can advertise your page in exclusive Facebook groups that might be pertinent to your website or blog.

Best practices

Create exclusivity

Within your blog posts, if the context is appropriate (because the goal will never be to beg for "likes"), you could offer your readers the possibility to perform an action on your Facebook page: register to one of your events, participate to a contest, share thematic photos

 Create competitions

Contests are, undoubtedly, the most engaging content on social networks in terms of impressions, reach, and interactions, which supports their ability to go viral.

Request likes from readers who responded to your material.

This approach is possibly one of the simplest to utilize because it is quick and effective. People who are not a part of your community can interact with the content you sponsor. If so, Facebook will indicate that they have expressed interest in your brand. You may then "Invite" each of these people to become a fan of your page.


Now you should be able to grow your Facebook page in the best conditions.

Next week we will focus on yet another social media, at the end of the day you will know everything!

Until then I wish you good luck in your content marketing adventure!