Rockin' Referrer: How to grow your community on Instagram
Sep 26, 2022
8:00 AM

As you know, it's been several months since we started our Rockin Refferers series and we've already covered several social networks. Nevertheless, it might be interesting to recall the basics!

We have already covered the best practices on Twitter and Facebook, today we will focus on Instagram. 

Why an Instagram page?

For many, the success of some content creators or brands on social networks is a matter of chance. Yet, the strategies that work on Instagram actually incorporate a large number of factors. In order to attract users, build loyalty and turn them into an engaged community, many elements come into play. 

From the good use of the formats offered by the platform to the timing of publication, through an emotional storytelling. The recipe for success integrates many ingredients, more or less tangible and more or less simple to appropriate! 

Even if you can't predict success at every turn, strategies exist to federate a community around your content, whether you are a creator or a brand. 

Best practices

Organize a photo contest on Instagram

Instagram, the top image social network, is the best platform for promoting your visual content. In order to encourage your community to contribute their finest photos, it's also the ideal location to start a picture competition. You'll not only encourage healthy rivalry among them, but it will also draw more users to your company page.

Additionally, you can improve your image by suggesting a photo competition where the images feature your products prominently. By doing this, you'll be able to promote your brand widely on social media. A potent communication strategy on a shoestring budget!

Reveal the backstage of your company

You can also build a backstage access to your business on Instagram. You can humanize your business's relationship with its clients thanks to this open door to the backstage area. Additionally, they will believe they are receiving exclusive content and are fully incorporated into the company, which will increase their commitment and loyalty.

As a result, consider sharing stunning images or films that are relevant to each area of business activity (your offices, employees, production line...). Share your company's everyday activities to better showcase the dynamism and expertise of your crew.

Valuing customers/followers

Customers prefer to feel special and valued by a business or brand. You will be nearer to your consumers if you play this game. To do this, don't be afraid to cite a consumer in your comments, engage them in a personal conversation, or post their images or videos.

Regular adoption of this tactic will result in higher engagement and the addition of new subscribers. In fact, your fans will be more motivated to comment, share, and like your images the more they realize that you are open to their expectations and publications.


Now you should be able to grow your Instagram page in the best conditions.

Next week we will focus on yet another social media, at the end of the day you will know everything!

Until then I wish you good luck in your content marketing adventure!