Rockin' Referrers: How to nail creating video content?
Nov 7, 2022
11:00 AM

How to nail creating video content?

It's hardly surprising that video marketing approach has become more and more prevalent throughout the years. However, have you ever questioned why? Let's consider it for a moment!

Do we prefer watching videos or reading text-based information? For me, the answer to the question is an immediate yes; watching video is more interesting and exciting than reading text. According to a Hubspot study, almost 85% of the public shares this viewpoint.

What makes video content all the rage?

Some predictions state that 82% of marketing in 2022 will be carried out in video format. When you consider the rise of social networks like TikTok and Instagram, this is simple to explain. Even while 84% of customers claim to have made a purchase after seeing a brand-produced video, and 78% of businesses report that video has positively influenced their sales, video is no longer only for amusement.

The steps you need to take to make the most of video

Write the script

Writing a screenplay is the first and most crucial step. Pre-visualizing your video and eventually creating a storyboard with each of your shots are the best ways to do this. Your video needs to adhere to a specific format in order to keep your audience's interest:

  • The Hook

This serves as a hook for your viewers by quickly introducing the topic of the video. The decision of whether or not to continue watching your video will be made by the viewers at this point. "Today we will analyze the most comprehensive all-in-one trading platform," for example.

  • Intro

You introduce yourself, share a bit about who you are, what you do, etc. in this section of your video. "Hello everyone, this is Trader X, feel free to click on the notification bell and smash the like button," is one way to say it. You also describe how the items in the next section will be displayed in this section.

  • Content

The core of the matter, this is where you describe the topic of the video. As an example, with the hook, this is where you set the tone for the rest of the tour by outlining the numerous features offered by the platform.

  • Bonus call to action

This is where you provide further details, including how to set up a sub-account to make using the site easier. You can also share your referral code here.

Figure out the length

This is crucial since it will have an impact on the media you use to publish your work later.

This is good for extremely brief introductory videos if you create them in the 30- to 1-minute range. It can serve as a preview for a longer video, perhaps on TikTok.

You may already go into more detail in videos that are between three and five minutes long while still making them simple for consumers to watch.

It's the ideal format to delve into detail without going over your allotted time because it lasts between 7 and 10 minutes. For a review or screen-sharing tutorial video, it's the ideal format.

Apply post-production

It's time to edit your video when you've finished it! No magic tricks here; just adhere to the fundamentals of post-production. You may choose Adobe Premiere Pro, which is the state-of-the-art in video editing, or PowerDirector 365.

To accentuate the significance of what you are saying at that particular time, don't be afraid to zoom in on your face.

Don't be afraid to speed up sections of your movie; this is a method that is frequently used in cooking videos, for instance.

If there is background music or transitions, be sure to choose them wisely. They are accessible through specialized databases.


Now that we have reached the end of this post, you are aware of how to produce a video that will be memorable. We have covered all the necessary information, from the choice of materials to the writing of the screenplay.

Nevertheless, your individuality will continue to be the key to success, so don't be scared to be who you are!