Rockin' Referrers : Time to refresh you about Telegram!
Oct 17, 2022
10:00 AM

As you know, it's been several months since we started our Rockin Refferers series and we've already covered several social networks. Nevertheless, it might be interesting to recall the basics!

We have already covered the best practices on Twitter and Facebook, today we will focus on Instagram. 

What is Telegram?

Currently, Telegram offers more than just cross-platform instant chatting. It views the service to be the best component for running marketing campaigns and has added additional capabilities over time that set it apart from its rivals.

It allows for the creation and administration of public channels with an unlimited number of users. Due to this aspect, Telegram presents a fantastic chance for all brands and businesses to easily broadcast their content to a large audience.

Believing that these channels are fortunately managed by the administrator who, if he so chooses, can specify that the Telegram channel only broadcasts its messages in order to prevent it from developing into an unregulated chat and having its content diluted. This instant messaging program promises outstanding benefits to implement an effective internet marketing strategy for these reasons and many more.

These advantages refer to:

Boost brand awareness: Telegram is thought to be the best platform for extending the reach of your business because there is little competition between brands there when it comes to marketing activities.

Boost customer loyalty: Telegram serves as a perk for retaining consumers, making it simpler to boost client faith in your company.

Save time and resources: You may speed up various marketing tasks that let you save time in exchanging photos, documents, videos, etc. by utilizing Telegram's automation capabilities via bots.

It has the best segmentation capabilities: Depending on the goals stated, multiple Telegram groups can be used to segment your audience for digital marketing efforts.

You can take use of these advantages of cloud storage: The Telegram storage system is cloud-based by default, which means that it uses less RAM on your machines.

It works well to advance conversational marketing: This kind of marketing employs a number of procedures to encourage active interaction between businesses and consumers.

Best practices

Run contest to encourage participants to invite additional friends.

Running contests is a successful technique to increase audience engagement, improve interaction, and boost your reputation.

Avoid promoting yourself all the time.

When connecting with your community, it's crucial to make them feel at ease and to avoid flooding, which could prompt a hasty exit. This will keep them loyal to you and encourage them to spread the word about you.

Engage in forum participation to advertise your channel.

It is acceptable to promote your Telegram channel or group on websites like Reddit or Quora. Start by researching or evaluating which forum sections have the most active members, and then write posts in those areas with a link to your channel.

Change up what you share

It is intriguing to consider your audience's interests in order to provide content that corresponds with their preferences and so enhance their experience to boost their loyalty. Decide to post a variety of material in these groups as a result to implement the diversity that frequently supports successful community growth.

Develop a custom Telegram bot.

They can carry out a variety of tasks automatically, which is obviously quite helpful for content distribution in your app channels.

Use paid advertising

Using sponsored promotion on Telegram is an option if you want to make an investment to achieve better results from your marketing activities.


You now know how to use Telegram to grow your community and the best practices to use. This platform is indeed one of the best in the crypto sphere, as it opens the discussion that is dear to many projects based on decentralization and DAO.

Next week we will discuss another platform well known to crypto enthusiasts and other traders, Discord.