UpBots Weekly Wrap up: November 25
Nov 25, 2022
3:00 PM

Happy Friday UpBots Fam!

We’ve had a very busy week working on some very important updates. 

Let’s just summarize what happened in the UpBots Universe!

Outstanding BNB Bots Performance

Swing Sniper BNB Bot


Swing Sniper BNB bot joins the game! 

Closing the latest trade with +14.7% profit the bot is on fire  

If you are looking to have the best tools available to tackle the market with, dont miss out on taking the bot for a ride! 

Get ready, get trading!

WaveTrader BNB Bot


Outstanding performance alert! 

We keep on pushing, no matter what! 

Our WAVETRADER BNB algo bot just produced an amazing result of closing the latest trade with over 12% profit! 

Our algorithmic bots, such as WAVETRADER BNB help traders of any skill levels bring extra income and comfort into their lives. 

If you don't want to miss out on WAVETRADER BNB closing your next trade profitably, take it for a ride and reap the benefits!

Social Copy Trading is here!

social copy

Didn't we tell you that no matter what, we will keep on working hard and pushing?  

We've just launched social copy trading in BETA!  

How does it work?  

In order to benefit from the new feature, you will have to create an API key on the centralized exchange platform and connect it to our platform.    

Then, just like for the trading algorithms, you will have to go to the marketplace with the traders available for copytrading with all the information you need to make your choice.   

What's next?  

We're in the process of onboarding new master traders & will be adding even more bots for you to have even a bigger choice!  

If you would like to join as one of our awesome Master Traders or know someone who might be a good fit - get in touch! 

Fill in the form

Important Swap Reminder


As you know we've been working super hard to make sure we take the best possible direction for the future of UpBots.   

In the light of recent events, it is more than ever we all have to focus on creating the best possible future; for well-being of our Communities, and the decentralised future of tomorrow.   

... but it is one thing to say it, and another to take the proper action!   

So, what's next:   

For regulatory and time reasons, the swap will not be automatic on Kucoin.    

We therefore ask users to remove their tokens from the exchange, before November 30, in order to be able to perform the snapshot.    

We have also asked Kucoin to stop accepting deposits of UBXT to facilitate the procedure towards UBXN. UBXT will no longer be available on Kucoin after the Snapshot.   

Thank you for being with us - and as always - do not hesitate to ping us here on Telegram in case you have any questions.   

Decentralisation is the future

sb decentralisation

As we have seen, holding cryptos on an exchange is a risk and billions have been lost. 

Do you want to continue to be on trading bots while having your money safe in the DeFi? 

SuperBots is currently the only true decentralized automated trading solution. 

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Have an amazing weekend, UpBots family!