UpBots Weekly Wrap Up: July 22, 2022
Arnaud Deblander
Jul 22, 2022
8:51 AM

UpBots Weekly Wrap Up: July 22, 2022

Hello lovely UpBots Supporters! It’s time for our weekly wrap-up!We’ve had a great week working on a lot of important developments & we hope you’ve all had a fantastic week too!

Look at those bot stats!

Our bots continue making profits, no matter the market conditions. Just check those numbers ETH Spooner bot has made trading ETH/USDT:

Bot Stats

Over 35% profit in the last 4 trades. What are you waiting for?

UBXT Burning Update

Burn Update

Due to the evolution of the market, and to protect the investors and UBXT holders, the management of UpBots/SuperBots is taking the following measures regarding the UBXT tokens.

It has been decided to burn 2 million first day of each month for a period of 5 months.

Total UBXT has been burnt on BSC is now over 4,837K UBXT ( 4,837,641 UBXT).

The burning program on ETH Network ended and a total of 269,880.47 UBXTs were burnt. You can check here

Thanks to performance fees our UBXT token burn continues making great progress

Burn baby burn!

SuperBots is live and they talk about us!


That’s right Brian, they talk about us even on Cryptonews!


And here’s another one!


And the last one?


SuperBots Bug Bounty challenge is still here!


Yes, Brian, you read that well! In the unlikely event that you discover vulnerabilities, you can pocket up to USD 25000 in rewards!


How to activate trading bots on the UpBots platform?

  • Step 1 — Add a Crypto Exchange Account to UpBots

  • Step 2 — Select the bot you want to follow

  • Step 3 — Top up UBXT to your UpBots account for perf fees

  • Step 4 — Configure & activate your bot

  • Step 5 — Enjoy your life while trading bots do their job

The process is the same for the futures Bots!



Wonder How to start using SuperBots.finance? Here are the steps you need to follow. It will take like a minute to be part of this awesome journey!

  • Step 1: Visit superbots.finance and Launch the app

  • Step 2: Connect your Metamask- make sure you select Binance Smart Chain Network

  • Step 3: Click any vault you want to activate

  • Step 4: Deposit BUSD and approve the transaction on Metamask

Hello Brian, SuperBots.finance is exciting for all of us, follow us on Twitter for more updates”.


Hello Brian, SuperBots.finance is exciting for all of us, follow us on Twitter for more updates”.

Market Analysis by UpBots

Market Analysis

This week we dove into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic and explore some of the most interesting industry news for you!


Chart BTC


Chart ETH


Chart Ethereum Classic

“Of Course Brian, it’s not Financial Advice”

Tune in every Tuesday for a brand new episode to provide you with up-to-the-minute insights for your next potential crypto trading setup.

Check out our full market analysis here

UpBots Academy

UpBots Academy

This week we talk about a very interesting topic, staking!

You’ve all heard about it without understanding how it works but no worries we’re here for that! Are you ready? Here we go!

You can read this week’s article here

You can read all previous academy articles here

Passive Income: UpBots Referral Program

Invite your friends and receive 200 UBXT virtual credits each and get up to 10% of your friends’ performance fees, for life.

You become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses 

We’ve launched our Referral Program to help you achieve that goal!

Get your Unique Link now and start inviting friends — make 2022 the Year of Financial Freedom

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Stake your UBXT!

Stake UBXT

Yes Brian you heard it well! The more you stake on Upbots, the better the rewards! You can reduce your performance fees up to 65%, amazing no?

IT Updates

IT Updates

“Hey, Brian you want more development?” Yup, we will never stop.

What is next?

  • New Long/short bots to hedge yourself during this hectic time, stay tuned to know which pair!

  • New stablecoins to be added

  • Social copy trading is in development

  • Security update on our vaults

The full roadmap is on our documentation, of course.

And that concludes our weekly wrap-up for another week.

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