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There’s more new bots to meet!

We know you love trading bots and you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of new robo faces …


It’s a bird….it’s a plane…no they’re SUPERBOTS!

There’s some new superheroes in town and they’re called the SUPERBOTS! What exactly are these bot heroes may you ask?… …


My UpBots Journey #3: Zacs

Zacs is a loyal member of the UpBots community and an active trading bot user. Discover what lead him to …


NEW trading bots arrive on UpBots!

We heard you like bots, so we’ve invited some new trading bots onto UpBots! In this week’s edition of the …


A BIG opportunity to get FREE UBXT

Another edition of the weekly wrap up is now out for your reading pleasure! Did you hear about our BIG …


My UpBots Journey #1: Piero

We are pleased to reveal the first installment of our newest content series: “My UpBots Journey.” In this series you’ll …


DAO Proposal UIP#3 — Staking Pools

A new proposal is now in discussion in the UpBots DAO Discord server. UIP#3 discusses the options at hand for …


Claiming your FREE UBXT! [Exclusive offer]

Here are the quick details to getting your free UBXT (up to 14,000 UBXT) so you can start reaping awesome …


Test drive all the bots (with this offer)

Ever wished that you could try out ALL the bots on UpBots? Well, we’re here to make that wish come …


Trading limits on bots increased

We’ve loosened the restraints on the trading bots and increased their trading limits! See just how much we’ve increased this …


Watch that UBXT burn!🔥

It’s that time of week again! Weekly wrap up time! For this installment we’ll be sharing the latest results of …


How to earn the best revenue from your trading algorithms

Algo devs put tons of work into creating great trading bot strategies, but are they always getting the best rates …

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