30 days of magic - recap. Whats next?
Oct 14, 2022
8:00 AM

As we told you 30 days ago, this last month spent in your company has been very busy for Upbots. It seems important to us to recap everything with you because the platform as you knew it is not the same anymore and all this has been very fast.

Let's take a look and revisit the month altogether with all the events and the new algorithms that have been added (others are in the acceptance phase, don't worry it's coming).

September 15 : Smart ETH and TRX by LAIKA


And the first surprise is here already!🤩 We are adding LAIKA ETH & TRX to the growing pool of crypto algo bots you can choose to trade with!

 Exceeding 360% in total gains they have proven to meet our high standards.🦾🤖

This is only the first gift we are bringing to you for our 30 days of excitement, releasing the new marketplace. If you are looking to prepare for the upcoming bull market, keep tuned in for more!🤑

September 16 : MoonRocket ETH is out!

ETH moonro

Round 2 of surprises!🤩 Introducing the MoonRocket ETH long/short algorithmic bot, with a whopping 248% in total performance!

 MoonRocket ETH joins our expanding list of crypto trading bots, that can help you elevate your trading strategy.🦾🤖 

September 21: UniLend Question Lab


This time our CEO & Founder Benjamin Duval is joined by Ayush Garg, Marketing & Operations Lead at our partners UniLend for a deep dive interview about UniLend, and UpBots!🦾🤖

Amongst many things, they discuss what UniLend's vision is for the ecosystem, and how both projects can collaborate to bring about a bright future in crypto!🚀🌟

September 21: Smart BTC and BNB by LAIKA!


Introducing LAIKA Smart BTC & Smart BNB, performing with exceptional gains of 69% for the first and 860% for the latter!

The bots' performance lived up to our high expectations during testing, so it's no question that it will be a real asset to you when trading!

September 22: New design for the website!

new design

Introducing our brand new website design! 

Scrolling through our website you will find a brand new sleek and techy overhaul, with a sophisticated feel. 🦾🤖

Check out our site and discover what the new UpBots feel has to offer!🚀🌟

September 23: Smart LTC by LAIKA and MoonRocket SPELL by Wave Trader


Not one, but two new trading algorithms coming from two of our awesome devs on this very particular Friday!

Continuing our streak of adding new bots with outstanding performance to our vast array of trading algorithms, these new additions will serve as handy tools for you to make bigger moves.🔥

September 29: Eneecum Question Lab!


This episode our one and only Benjamin Duval sat down with Roman and Mike from Enecuum!🦾🤖

This is an exciting one and a must-watch if you are into Blockchain! 👀💪

Amongst other topics, the guys discussed the future of Blockchain, the current state of the market, how our collaboration benefits the crypto ecosystem and what does their venture aim to achieve in the short and long term!🚀🌟

September 29 : Smart MATIC


Introducing LAIKA Smart MATIC performing with exceptional gains of 1300%💪

The bot's performance lived up to our high expectations during testing, so it's no question that it will be a real asset to you when trading!

Get ready for the bull market and take the bot for a ride!🤑

October 6: Smart DOGE & SOL, the last 2 from LAIKA!


“Our month of excitement keeps on giving, with 2 new bots available to trade with!🥳 DOGE boasts a performance of +3200% and SOL +4300%, which is outstanding even in our standards.🤑 If you are looking to have the best tools available to tackle the bull market with, don't miss out on taking the bot for a ride!🔥”

Last but not least: The Bot Creator!

BOT creator

Our 30 days of excitement brings you another surprise yet again! 

We are adding a new feature to UpBots: The Bot Creator!🚀🌟

In order to give you a wider variety of tools to suit all your trading needs, we have decided to give you the power to customize the way you automate your trades! Now, you can be the one who decides how you make that passive income.🤑

You can find more information on the bot creator here

Key takeover 

  • We added 7 bots from LAIKA: Smart DOGE/ETH/BTC/TRX/SOL/MATIC/LTC

  • We added 2 Long/Short MoonRocket bots: ETH and SPELL.

  • We changed the website visual identity

  • We added the Bot Creator

And now what?

Calm down guys, do you really think Upbots was going to let you down after 30 days? No way!

In the next few weeks you can expect even more surprises, with the upcoming arrival in beta of our copy trading service.

On the algorithm side, several MoonRocket algorithms will be added as well as others from the creator Gravity Trading, as their sandbox period is coming to an end!

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