UpBots Weekly Wrap Up: Nov 04, 2022
Nov 4, 2022
11:00 AM

UpBots Weekly Wrap Up: Nov 04, 2022

Happy Friday UpBots supporters! We are ready to wrap-up an exciting week, come with us! This week amongst a slew of tasks, we have been busy preparing for the recently announced Social Copy Treading feature that is just around the corner! Let’s get into the latest and greatest of the UpBots universe lately!

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Social Copy Trading is coming and UpBots is looking for master traders!

Would you bet that you make better #crypto decisions than most you know?

If so, UpBots want's to put your skills to use!

In just a few weeks, we are releasing Social Copy Trading as our brand new feature, and we are looking to recruit the sharpest minds around, who are ready to lead the prosperity of the community! If you feel up to the task, reach out to us for more info about joining forces for Social Copy Trading and the rewards that would await!

Read more about the announcement and the feature itself: https://upbots.com/blog/copy-trading-is-around-the-corner 

A brand new episode of Rockin’ Referrers is out!

Frame 87

By now you must know how important content marketing is to building an online community, but do you know which skills you’d have to hone exactly? In this episode we dive head first into listing the essential skills you need to have to employ content marketing that drives numbers! Dive in! https://upbots.com/blog/the-content-marketing-skills-you-need

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Do you have a solid prediction for the upcoming price of Bitcoin? Are you bursting to call others' attention to what's coming?🤔

Now's your chance to do just that in our brand new series Measure the Market! Each week we pick a coin and set up a collective hypothesis about it's possible future price, this week talking BTC. 📈 Visit our twitter to get into the discussion! https://twitter.com/UpBots

bot creator

The Bot Creator has arrived!

Another recently released function, The Bot Creator is available for your use! It's all very well to choose between all the bots available on the marketplace, there are quite a few, it's true! But if you feel like a developer, if you have already touched Python or Pinescript, it is now possible for you to use the Upbots platform to connect your own bots.


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Why it’s the best time ever to get into trading with UpBots?

Besides Social Copy trading, we’ve had a great array of new tools and features released recently, that make getting into trading with UpBots, really worth it now! Read on to discover what the Month of Excitement gave to UpBots and the $UBXT fam, and why you shouldn’t miss out on it now:  https://upbots.com/blog/30-days-of-magic-recap

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Crypto Adventure is talking about UpBots!

We had been reviewed! Found out what popular crypto publication Crypto Adventure had to say about us! Check it out yourself: https://cryptoadventure.com/upbots-launches-a-brand-new-feature-the-bot-creator/

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…And they also mentioned our wide array of products too! Read on: https://cryptoadventure.com/upbots-the-hodl-bots-helping-traders-win-money-and-time/

Just as they did the fan favourite SuperBots! Link to the article: https://cryptoadventure.com/superbots-the-first-protocol-that-supports-automatic-trading-in-defi/

Frame 63

An episode of Academy is waiting for traders wanting to learn!

We are tackling algorithmic trading: all the ways you can do it, and all the ways you can benefit from it, by doing it with UpBots!

Buckle up, and read on, how you could even trade while away from your workstation!

Dive in to learn!: https://upbots.com/blog/why-trade-algorithmically

Passive Income: UpBots Referral Program

Invite your friends and receive 200 UBXT virtual credit each and get up to 10% of your friends performances fees, for life.

You become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses 😎🚀

We’ve launched our Referral Program to help you achieve that goal!💪

Get your Unique Link now and start inviting friends — make 2022 the Year of Financial Freedom💚🔥

👉 Get Your Referral Link

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Stake your UBXT!

Did you know? The more you stake on Upbots, the better the rewards! You can reduce your performance fees up to 65%, amazing, right?

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Did we burn 2 million UBXT on ETH as every month? Spoiler alert : YES!

Due to the evolution of the market, and to protect the investors and UBXT holders, the management of UpBots/SuperBots is taking the following measures regarding UBXT token.

It has been deciding to burn 2 million on the first day of each month.

Total UBXT has been burnt on BSC is now over 6,878K UBXT ( 6,879,512 UBXT).

Burning program on ETH Network has now burnt a total of 4,285,880 UBXTs.

Thanks to performance fees our UBXT token burn continues making great progress👏

Burn baby burn!

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SuperBots is live and they talk about us!

…and they talk about us even on Cryptonews!


And here’s another one!


And the last one?


How to activate trading bots on the UpBots platform?

Step 1 — Add a Crypto Exchange Account to UpBots

Step 2 — Select the bot you want to follow

Step 3 — Top up UBXT to your UpBots account for perf fees

Step 4 — Configure & activate your bot

Step 5 — Enjoy your life while trading bots do their job

The process is the same for the futures Bots!

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Wonder How to start using SuperBots.finance? Here are the steps you need to follow. It will take like a minute to be part of this awesome journey!

Step 1: Visit superbots.finance and Launch the app

Step 2: Connect your metamask- make sure you select Binance Smart Chain Network

Step 3: Click any vault you want to activate

Step 4: Deposit BUSD and approve the transaction on Metamask

Hello Brian, SuperBots.finance is exciting for all of us, follow us on Twitter for more updates”.


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IT Updates

So what is next for the future?

  • Bot creator Beta is live

  • Working on the Whitelabel Solutions for Superbots

  • Social copy trading is coming

  • New bots listing from Gravity Trading and MoonRocket

The full roadmap is on our documentation, of course.

And that concludes our weekly wrap up for another week.

If you haven’t already joined our Telegram or Discord please come say hi.